Hunting Hogs... there's an App for that! The Wireless Traps Mobile Application allows
Subscribers another way to Access and Control Wireless Traps Devices

   Notice: This application is designed and intended for the sole use by Wireless Traps Access Control and Monitoring subscribers.

Now it's even easier to monitor and control your traps 24 hours a day, directly from your mobile phone or any internet connection. Our new mobile app for your Wireless Traps system, provided by our sister company CellGate, combines control capability for both traps, gates and cameras. By simply selecting the CellGate icon on your smartphone or tablet, and logging in to your Wireless Traps or CellGate account, you can easily and readily control what you capture and when you close the trap—from any location, at any time.

No matter where in the world you happen to be, when a critter is detected in your trap you will receive text, email, voice or photo alerts to your cell phone. Then simply send a close command to your trap.

Need Support for Mobile?
Call: 1-855-MYTRAPS (1-855-698-7277)
Email: mobileapp@wirelesstraps.com
One of our technicians will contact you promptly.


  • Similar to how a garage door functions except cell-phone technology is used to expand the distance you can be away from your traps.
  • Close your trap on command at anytime from anywhere you have cellular access.
  • Take pictures of your trap anytime from your mobile phone.
  • Get pictures delivered instantly when activity in the trap occurs.
  • View all pictures taken and select a photo to zoom in for a better view.
  • Use the history of images taken to learn when sounders and prize boars visit your trap to maximize your catch.
  • Stop notifications and images from coming in once you've sprung your trap. Turn them back on after you've had a good nights rest. The hogs will wait. Currently this feature is available for Android users only, updates for Apple users are coming soon.
  • Easily manage multiple traps.
  • Gates can be opened or closed on command. Schedule when your gate will be open and for how long. Create and control access accounts for visitors to increase security.
  • Automatically updates all activity and images to your account records.
To download the free Wireless Traps app to your iTunes or GooglePlay account from this site, select the appropriate link below and log in to your iTunes or GooglePlay account. Or, directly enter the App Store (iTunes) or GooglePlay using your mobile phone utility, log-in to the store account, search CellGate, and proceed with download directly to your mobile phone. 

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Fully compatible with all versions of iPhone® and iPad®.

Android App on Google Play   IARC Rating is SAFE for all ages.

Compatible with devices running Android® 2.1 and up.

Android App on Amazon

Compatible with Kindle® Fire and devices running Android® 2.1 and up.

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