Wireless Trap Electronic System includes

  • Cellular camera takes pictures when motion is detected in trap
  • Cellular-controlled electronic lock
  • Solar panel
  • Electronics, SIM card and battery
  • Mounting hardware
  • Easy to install with your wrenches and screw-drivers
  • Attach to your head gate to catch any target animals including cattle, coyotes, wild hogs, exotics—only limited by your imagination.
Wireless Trap with Head Gate

Unlike some unstable corral systems that require painstakingly pounding T-posts, the Wireless Traps corral is modular, with panels that easily connect together with pens.

Purchase Wireless Traps head gates and easily connect them to your preferred corral, or ask us about our easy-to-assemble 17- or 30-foot corral system. Our corral system is composed of 8-ft wide by 3-ft tall hog panels, which, when stacked, form a 6-ft tall corral. Standard spacing between panels is 4 inches, but you can assemble with 2- or 3-inch spacing to facilitate capture of other wildlife, such as coyotes and raccoons.
Wireless Trap Electronics
  Full Trap System
Activation Fee
Monthly Service
Monthly Hibernation
50' Lock Extension Cable
Directional Antenna Kit (if required)
Trap with 3' x 3' Head Gate
Trap with 3' x 6' (wide) Head Gate

Monthly service includes our server based control system where you manage who has control of your trap and view details of activity including pictures.
We provide communication between the trap and our server over the AT&T cell network. Also includes an unlimited number of pictures and trap activation.
This does not impact your cell service. If there is a period of time you cannot use your trap during our annual agreement period, you may request Hibernation
for up to 4 months. Shipping Not included. Limited Warranty

LockLatchDrop Gate

Electronic Lock                     Electronic Lock Latch                                           3' x 6' Head/Drop Gate

Exotic TrapCattle Trap
    Wireless Traps Trigger Sytem used for Trapping Exotics              Trigger System, Camera, Solar Panel and Antennas
Black Wall Exotic Trap Door OpenBlack Wall Exotic Trap Shot Window
    Exotic Black Wall Corral - Gate Open                                                 Exotic Black Wall Corral - Shot Window Open
Exotic Trap Black Wall Exotic Trap Door Drop Video
    Exotic Black Wall Corral - Walk Door                                                 Exotic Black Wall Corral - Video of Gate Closing 
Exotic Corral Trap - Storage/Transport ContainerExotic Loading Chute with Entrance, Exit and  Culling Doors
    Exotic Corral Trap - Storage/Transport Container                   Exotic Loading Chute with Entrance, Exit and Culling Doors


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