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  • Choose area that will be easily accessible during rain
  • Away from areas they will damage as you want to train them to come there instead of the
  • manicured gardens or fields
  • Areas that have had recent activity
  • Find an area that will allow enough sunlight to get to the solar panel

Set Up

  • Optimum corral will be 30’ in diameter and 6’ tall
  • Place deer feeder in center of pen. They equate the feeder going off to their dinner bell and will come running once trained.
  • Schedule feeder only once a day. If it goes off when hogs are in the pen, they usually exit
  • Bait with corn or other bait you found successful in your area
  • Baiting with water is often successful, and it allows you to keep trapped hogs in there a little longer during summer months. They can die within hours in summer heat without shade or water since they don’t sweat.
  • The motion sensor is set to come on at dusk and go off at dawn, so it’s not going to work during the day when you’re setting up unless you cover it or change the settings. If you choose to trap during the day, simply take the face of the motion sensor off and turn the dial
  • Since hogs are nocturnal, you typically do not want to get meaningless pictures during the day, and it this also conserves battery power.
  • Once a picture is taken, the motion sensor goes to sleep for 15 minutes. When it wakes, it will take a picture only if there is still movement.
  • Hogs are smart and have a great sense of smell. Minimize human or dog activity in and around the trap

System Familiarity

  • Using your Configuration Guidelines, you’ll want to know:
    • Add and remove text and email notifications (you will want to get some sleep)
    • Download the App for your iPhone or Android
    • For anyone not using a smart phone, set up the phone to close the trap and take pictures
    • How to turn the motion sensor off and on
    • How to look at your reports and pictures
    • How to take a picture on demand

Trapping the Wireless Traps Way

    • Check what activity was in your trap each morning via smart phone app or web site
    • Feed a lot…trap a little
    • Since they typically travel in groups called sounders, you will first see the younger pigs coming in as they are fearless. Be patient, as more will come.
    • Occasionally you will have a boar(s) traveling alone, and other pigs will not enter, so you may need to catch the bad boy(s) first
    • If you have more than one group coming to your trap each day, trap the last group in first. As an example, you have a group coming in around 7:00 p.m. and another group at 4:00 a.m.
    • Catch the 4:00 a.m. sounder, pick them up and be ready for the 7:00 p.m. group that night.
    • Once you see their pattern, go on line and set up to receive texts for instant notification of what is in your trap.
    • Once you confirm your hogs are all in, simply close with your phone
    • Turn the motion sensor off to stop getting pictures every 15 minutes
    • Get a good night’s sleep!